ILVA & IDdesign Award 2017 gives young, hopeful and established designers, and those who live for design and product development the opportunity to make your mark on ILVA and IDdesign. The Design Award is an open competition for innovative and talented designers, architects and designers who have a passion for design and furnishing and gives the chance for you to have your design put into production.
The Design Award is an international competition, presenting a collaboration between IDdesign and its sister company, the Danish furniture chain, ILVA. Both Danish and international students can participate and invitations will be sent out to Danish educational institutions, as well as chosen international design and architect schools.


The design

You can participate by designing a product or a series within one or more of the following categories:

  • The lounge room; for example, sofa, armchair, coffee table, bookcase or home accessories
  • The dining room; for example, dining table, dining chair, sideboard or home accessories

The design should have a wide commercial appeal, be innovative, inventive, functional and at the same time offer quality at a fair price.


The total prize amount is 10,000 US$

1st place –receives 7,000 US$, together with the opportunity of signing a contract to have their design put into production and marketed.
2nd place –receives 1,500 US$
3rd place –receives 700 US$
The Customer Prize recipient receives 700 US$ (one of the 5 nominated proposals, who receives the most votes in the online poll)

It is possible to win 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in conjunction with the Customer Prize.

Judging panel

The judging panel will consist of renowned individuals from the Danish and international designer world:
Elsebeth Gerner Nielsen, Principal, Design School Kolding,
Mads Arlien Søborg, trend expert, Hey We Made It
Henrik Madsen, Purchase director, ILVA
Michael Colberg, Product manager, ILVA
Kasper Meldgaard, Designer and partner, Says Who
Nikolaj Due, Designer and partner, Says Who
Nicola Kragh Riis, Stylist and interior editor, ALT Interiør


How the winner will be determined

The top 5 will be determined by a panel of judges in May 2017, shortly hereafter the designers of the top 5 proposals will be informed and their designs will then be entered into an online poll, conducted on ILVA’s and IDdesign’s Facebook pages. Subsequently, the winner will be announced at ILVA’s press release in June 2017.


Rules of submission of materials

Design proposals must be submitted before 1st May 2017.
The material should be sent to:
IDdesign A/S
Damvej 9
8471 Sabro
Att: "Design Award 2017"

All designs should be sent in an A3 folder with prints of illustrations, a registration form, a working title, specifications, together with an easy to understand letter about the concept/product and the ideas behind it. Participants are allowed to submit several design proposals; however, they must complete one registration form per design.
We accept only serious entries, within realistic terms of production, from participants who have considered choice of material, the target group, function, dimensions, and who have visual representation of their design.


Download registration form here

Guest Stool Inestol Lampe Sofa


Competition terms

  • IDdesign and ILVA will not return the submitted proposals. All proposals, which do not reach the final round will later be shredded and destroyed.
  • The submitted proposals must not be shown to other partners or be submitted to other competitions before the winners of the IDdesign and ILVA design competition have been determined.
  • The submitted proposals must be the designer’s own and must not be known or shown elsewhere.
  • Participants themselves must ensure that the necessary conditions are met, in relation to maintaining their rights.
  • It is the designer’s responsibility to have ownership of all rights surrounding the submitted proposal design.
  • Submitted proposals can be released for PR and can be displayed on IDdesign and ILVA’s social media channels and
  • Submitted proposals can be launched to the public, be put into production and will be used in IDdesign’s and ILVA’s marketing - though not without a signed agreement with the designer.
  • IDdesign and ILVA reserves the right to not put the winning product into production, in the case of an appropriate proposal not being received.
  • IDdesign and ILVA reserves the right to start the production of those submitted proposals, which do not win –though not without contacting the designers first. In the case of one or more products being put into production, a concise and clearly defined contract will be drawn up, where all rights will appear.
  • IDdesign and ILVA reserves the right to enter the top 5 products into an online poll on IDdesign and ILVA’s social media as part of their deliberations before the decision is made.
  • IDdesign and ILVA reserves the rights to exclusivity on all proposals submitted until the winners are determined (no later than 14th June 2017)


If you have questions regarding the Design Award, please contact us on: