IDdesign carries a full product range cover interior needs for living-, dining- and sleeping rooms. This include everything from furniture to lighting and accessories.


Collections Living


The collection is wide and inspiring, varying from romantic to fully modern lounge furniture made from the best materials and Scandinavian design.

Collections Dining


The dining collection is focusing on products of unique design and inspiring colours to enchance the vitality and spirit in the dining room.


Collections Sleeping


Whenever you wish to furnish your bedroom, the sleeping collection will meet your needs for a functional and inspiring bedroom suite.

Collection Accessories


From luxurious pendants to minimalistic vases. The range of accessories from IDdesign has been put together to cater a wide variety of taste.



The process of creating new and specially designed products for IDdesign is fun, creative and time consuming. However, we believe that it is worth the effort!

Our close cooperation with Scandinavian and International furniture designers allow us to carry products that are unique and available in a larger number of colours and combinations, providing our customers with the widest collection in the business.


For the 2017 IDdesign Interior Catalogue we have chosen to work with closely with these designers, among others:

Designer Handwaerk

  Designer Aytm   Designer Gubi


HANDVÄRK founder, 32-year-old autodidact designer and architect Emil Thorup, has had a profound passion for aesthetics and design since childhood. He is affiliated with the Danish-owned award-winning practice LW Design, which works primarily on hotel designs and residential architecture, with offices in Hong Kong, Sao Paulo and Dubai. Most recently, Emil Thorup developed a series of prefabricated luxury villas for a prestigious Danish development company, an idea based on his first residential design, the private residence, "Nordic Noir."

HANDVÄRK was launched in 2015 and received great attention from both the press and the international design community. Emil Thorup's Scandinavian minimalism rendered in a dark universe of leather, marble and brass was featured more than 50 times across 8 countries within the company's first 6 weeks.

He is currently hard at work on HANDVÄRK's next collection; a range of tables in crystal white , a modular sofa in velvet and a series of mirrors.


Anne Stensgaard is the designer behind AYTM. The collections are made in a close cooperation between Anne and the company’s creative director and owner, Kathrine Gran Hartvigsen. Anne has a background in the craft of glass blowing, which has given her insight into the movement and design of a living material. She is persistent when it comes to original design and integrity and always lets her creativity flow into the products without losing sight of the function and quality.

Anne’s attention to the balance between colour, material and design has created, what are now, some iconic styles. The ideology behind each design is to give people luxurious design that is deeply imbedded in the Nordic style with sophistication and elegance. Although AYTM is a young brand, established in 2015 – the collection are well-rounded and can provide a complete look to suit a creative interior stylist or home owner who simply loves beauty and elegance. The design DNA will continue to be strong with the creative team of Anne and Kathrine behind it, continuing the design and development of more beautiful collections in the future.


Gubi was founded in 1967 by Jacob and Sebastian Olsens parents, Gubi and LisbethOlsen. They initially focused on producing Olsen's furniture designs and selling textiles to the retail sector. 

Since then, Gubi have transposed the original creative vision into a contemporary context, putting their products on the map as a global player on the design scene. In an ever-changing international landscape, it takes an enormous amount of drive and determination to keep chasing icons. It's that type of endless energy, enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit which has catapulted Gubi into an iconic status all its own.

Gubi are rooted in Scandinavia but with a distinctive global outlook - and sense of aesthetics. From the wide range of designs in their search around the world into the past. Gubi always have an eye for spotting enduring designs from new talents to secure an expanding portfolio of styles appealing to an international clientele.
At the moment prominent designers as Space Cph, Gamfrantesi, Henning Larsen and Corsini & Ruiz Millet are among many in the exclusive design team that surrounds and supports Gubi with fabulous furniture.



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