With more than 40 years of retail experience, the IDdesign furniture franchise concept offers you excellent market knowledge and a product collection that can be used across markets and cultures that would typically take a start-up brand years to form on its own.

IDdesign is more than merely a product supplier. We see ourselves as the proud owner of a concept that gives us a profound sense of responsibility towards helping our partners reach their goals locally. Our proven franchise concept gives you access to the widest assortment within the business and a highly competitive business model.





IDdesign is an overall supplier in the range of furniture and home decór accessories. We are a market leading furniture brand within the large – and fast-expanding – mid-high price segment and our collection consists of the most marketable, yet unique products on the market. The IDdesign product range is carefylly composed of three well-documented style groups. This is a major key to our success.



Our mission is to always inspire our customers and make any home more personal. This mission is the foundation of our business strategy where we strive to establish a working relationship with our franchise partners based on mutual empathy and above all, a joint focus on creating the best possible foundation for the future success of our partners. We need to always be: